Terchen Drime Lingpa

Drime also known as Thekchen Lingpa Karma Drodon Tarchin, was born in Zurkar as a descendant of Padma Dechen Lingpa. He was the combined incarnation of Guru Padmasambhava’s disciple Ngenlam gelwa Choyang, Khandro Yeshi Tshogyal and Shubu Palgysenge and the immediate incarnation of Rongpa Terton Dudul Lingpa. He became a disciple of Rigdzin Thukchog Dorji from whom he received the transmission of the Kunzang Nyingthig of Tennyi Lingpa. He was gifted with clairvoyance and had visions in which he remembered his former births as Melong Dorji, Dechen Lingpa, Dudul Lingpa and others. He lived a contemplative life in solitary places and revealed several termas in Trak Yangdzong and other places. His descendants are still found at Zurkar Lhadeng.

Terchen Drime Lingpa & First Padtselling Trulku Rinpoche Drupthob Namgyal Lhundup, the first Padtselling Trulku, on his way from Lhasa to Bhutan, he visited and meditated at Yang Dzong, Samye Chimphu, Tsari and other sacred places of Guru Rinpoche. On arriving at Zurkar Lhadeng, he met Terchen Drime Lingpa, the one who was no different from Guru Rinpoche. On meeting Drime Lingpa, he recollected the following verse from Drime Lingpai Dagnang Lama Thugi Nyingpo Chodag Lungten:

As many as twenty-five future teachers bearing the names Geleg Thubten Lhundup Lhun, Ugyen etc., will appear in U, Tsang, Dagpo, Kongpo, Ngalor, Mon, in the upper and lower Dokham and Lhodrag by force of their karmic connections. May the sublime teachings be passed onto them; by so doing will pacify all obstacles and hindrances in their mission? Similarly, the following prophecy is mentioned in Chimi Dorji Sokdrub discovered at Yangdzong, by destiny, a heart son of mine (Guru Rinpoche) will be born in U Tsang, Dagpo, Kongpo, Kham or Mon by the name Lhundup.

Rigzin Drime Lingpa recognized Namgyal Lhundup as the man prophesied in the sacred scriptures of Guru Rinpoche for teaching the treasure teachings in future, and took on the responsibility to give empowerments, transmissions, and instructions on all treasure teachings: Tercho Thugdrub Yonten Kunjung, Gurdrak, Tshedrub Dorji Sokdrub, Thuje Chenpo Khorwa Jigdrol and others. On his part, Namgyal Lhundup too made great efforts to practice the teachings. Combined with the past destiny, he was able to visualize various tutelary deities within a short time, which signified his accomplishment. This made Drime Lingpa happy, and empowered him to help all sentient beings with these teachings. Just as he was about to leave, the master gave a farewell speech: My extraordinary student, Drukpa Geshe Namgyal Lhundup; now that the time has come for you to return to your country, do you wish for any advice or religious songs from me? I will be very happy to share them to you. Thus the great master shared all the sacred teachings to his heart student.

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