Realisation is the Key

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Realisation is the Key

While growing up in the monastery, apart from my daily task of studying and practicing, I had to also help with looking after the cows, sheep, yaks and horses owned by the monastery.

One day when I was outside, away from the monastery, looking after sheep and horses, a group of people, coming from far away on a pilgrimage trip to the Padtselling Monastery, passed by me on the way. They stopped, and asked, “Young Monk, we have come a long way to meet the Padtselling Trulku, to receive blessing from him. Is he in the monastery?” I told them yes, and that they would be able to see him after they had arrived at the monastery.

When these people arrived at the monastery and waited, I arrived back the monastery and was introduced to them as the Padtselling Trulku. They appeared quite surprised, when they found out that the Trulku they were coming to see in the monastery was the young monk they had already met on the way.

I had always been the Padtselling Trulku they were seeking to meet. By not realising that, they just missed me, by taking me simply as a person they asked for the way to the monastery. All of us sentient beings are inherently endowed with a Buddha Nature. Whether realising that or not makes a huge difference. Realising that, one becomes Buddha. Not realising, one stays as a Samsara being.

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