Longchen Rabjam

Also known as Drimed Odzer is revered as one of the greatest masters in the Nyingma tradition. He is an incarnation of Princess Pema Sal, the daughter of King Trisong Deutsen, to whom Guru Rinpoche had entrusted his own lineage of Dzogchen known as Khandro Nyingthig. He is single-handedly regarded as the most important writer on Dzogchen teachings. His works include the Seven Great Treasuries, the Three Trilogies and his commentaries in the Nyingthig Yabshi. He wrote more than 250 treatises on a wide variety of topics, but is best known for his works on Dzogchen.

Although one of the most realized sages of Tibet, with crowds of disciples following him wherever he went, he remained a simple hermit with minimal belongings, often dwelling in caves.

He saw solitude in nature as a source of spiritual awakening. For him, nature’s peaceful and clear environment inspired peace and clarity, enabling practitioners to unite with ultimate joy, to attain the oneness of universal openness and luminous clarity. After several years in retreat, Lonchenpa attracted more and more students, even though he had spent nearly all of his life in mountain caves. During a stay in Bhutan, he founded several monasteries, including Tharpaling in Bumthang, and fathered two children, his son Trulku Drakpa Özer (b. 1356) became one a main lineage holder of the Nyingtik lineage.

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